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Weather strip

Material: PE Film ,PU Foam, PP skeleton
Color: Coffee, Black, White, Cream and Grey
The stiff material (Polypropylene or Santoprene) as skeleton
The foam part has soft to medium density, very good compression set
The coating over the sponge to reduce the friction
Minimum 10 years life span, resistant to Rot , Mildew and tear
Excellent memory ------returns to original shape after compression
Easy Cleaning, easy Operation
Widely used in wooden and metal door and windows .
If the cross sections shown here are not suitable for your specific application, we can produce a customized profile to meet your needs
BH-149 BH-150 BH-151
BH-152 BH-153 BH-154
BH-155 BH-156 BH-157
BH-158 BH-159 BH-160
BH-161 BH-162 BH-163
BH-164 BH-165 BH-166
Weather strip
Weather strip
Weather strip